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Shakira reaches deal over Spanish tax fraud case

Colombian singer Shakira has reached a settlement with Spanish prosecutors in her tax fraud case, avoiding the trial that was set to begin. The allegations amounted to €14.5m, with prosecutors seeking an eight-year jail term and a €23.8m fine if she was found guilty. Shakira, who denied wrongdoing, had initially rejected a settlement, opting for a trial. However, she changed course, citing the best interest of her children and a desire to move past the emotional toll of the legal battle

Agencies and A News MAGAZINE
Published November 20,2023

Shakira, the Colombian pop sensation, has reached a resolution with Spanish prosecutors to settle a tax fraud case just as her trial was set to commence in Barcelona.

The singer was facing allegations of tax fraud totaling €14.5m (£12.9m), and if found guilty, prosecutors sought an eight-year jail term and a fine of €23.8m.

Despite initially rejecting a settlement offered by prosecutors and opting for a trial, Shakira has now chosen to resolve the matter, citing the well-being of her children as the primary motivation.

In a comprehensive statement, she emphasized her commitment to ethical conduct throughout her career, highlighted the exhaustive efforts made to secure expert financial counsel, and expressed frustration with the prolonged legal battle.

Shakira acknowledged the relentless pursuit of tax authorities in Spain against various high-profile individuals and athletes, noting the draining impact on their energy, time, and peace of mind.

While maintaining confidence in a favorable trial outcome, she ultimately prioritized her children's wishes and decided to bring the matter to a close.

In her statement, Shakira revealed her desire to move beyond the stress and emotional toll of the past years, redirecting her focus to her children and upcoming career endeavors, including a world tour and a new album.

While expressing admiration for those who persevere in fighting injustices, she emphasized that, for her, the victory lies in reclaiming time for her family and career.