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Charlize Theron sings praises of Turkish baklava

Anadolu Agency MAGAZINE
Published July 15,2020

Baklava makers in eastern Turkey were excited over Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron's comments on social media calling the traditional Turkish dessert the "best thing" she ever tasted.

Netflix Turkey shared a short clip on Twitter of the action movie "The Old Guard" in which Theron apparently enjoys the traditional Turkish delicacy. She responded to the post, saying: "Best thing I've ever tasted. Heard they have the best at Gaziantep," referring to the province in southeastern Turkey.

The actress's praise was welcomed by baklava makers in Gaziantep.

Baklava maker Ufuk Sagluege said Gaziantep was a privileged place for those seeking to enjoy the traditional dessert.

"Almost all of the baklava producers in Turkey do their job with love and affection. Our goal is always to bring our baklava to the top level," he said, adding the movie clip was flattering for people making the dessert.

"We invite the entire movie crew to Gaziantep to eat baklava."

Levent Aktas, another baklava maker, said Gaziantep's baklava was the first Turkish product verified by the European Union and today is a global brand.

Notably, Gaziantep's mayor, Fatma Sahin, said baklava was included on the menu at the 2019 Academy Awards ceremony and invited the actress to the province.

"Dear @CharlizeAfrica, we invite you to Gaziantep to taste the best baklava ever," she tweeted.