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Cancer treatable without surgery at early stage - expert

Anadolu Agency LIFE
Published February 08,2021

A Turkish doctor has said that some cancer types can be treated in their early stages without surgery with basic interventions.

By using special technology, we can treat patients in one day, without anesthesia, surgery and without impairing the quality of life, said Dr. Aylin Fidan Korcum Sahin, an oncologist.

Sahin, who is also dean of the faculty of medicine at the Akdeniz University, said that they have made rapid progress in cancer treatments thanks to technological advancements.

"When diagnosed early, we can also treat genetically transmitted cancers."

She said adopting certain lifestyles may greatly reduce the risk of getting cancer.

"This requires following a healthy lifestyle from childhood."

Head, neck, and lung cancers, especially bladder and breast cancers, have increased in recent years, mostly due to smoking, according to Sahin.

"We also see a small rise in brain tumors," she said, minor tumors can also be treated in a single day through interventions.