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Calling for a new morality, law, and civilization, Erbaş criticises global system for paving the way for oppression and injustice

Ali Erbaş, the leader of Religious Affairs in Türkiye, said on Monday: "Our current world is in dire need of a new set of morals, laws, and civilization. He noted that the numerous crises we are experiencing - whether they be social, cultural, political, or economic - have made this change essential."

Published November 27,2023

In his remarks during an event in the province of Konya, Ali Erbaş, the leader of Religious Affairs in Türkiye, emphasized the pressing need for a new morality, law, and civilization in light of the multiple crises -- spanning across social, cultural, political, and economic spheres -- afflicting our world.

"The current era is plagued by widespread systems of exploitation, oppression, and injustice," Ali Erbaş said in a statement while describing the ongoing issues in Palestine and Gaza as evidence of this and stressed the need for a new morality, law, and civilization to replace those tainted by oppression and evil.

"The universal truths of Islam as the greatest opportunity for humanity in this regard, advocating for Islam as a religion of peace and well-being," Erbaş laid out in his remarks.

"The current challenging times in the world, where human life, dignity, and rights are being disregarded, and a global system of exploitation prevails. The tragic events in Palestine and Gaza emphasise the need for a new morality, law, and civilization," Erbaş noted while criticising the global system that paves the way for oppression, injustice, massacres, and genocides, occurring in full view of the world.

Erbaş urged for the purification of the collective consciousness from the taint of injustice and wickedness. He stressed that the universal principles of Islam offer humanity the best chance for growth and progress.

Apart from addressing global concerns, Erbaş also touched upon the difficulties encountered by Muslims in different nations, particularly in Western countries. He shared his worries regarding the growing trend of marginalization, exclusion, and animosity against Muslims, which is often manifested as Islamophobia and anti-Islamic movements.

Erbaş emphasized the importance of sharing authentic religious knowledge based on the Quran and Sunnah to promote understanding and awareness among people. He also stressed the need to have courage and self-confidence in building a better future, while avoiding unnecessary arguments and promoting unity.