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Cholera cases top 10,000 in Mozambique

Anadolu Agency HEALTH
Published January 23,2024

Cholera cases in Mozambique surpassed 10,000 on Sunday in a wave that has gripped the southern African nation since the outbreak began in October, according to the National Directorate of Public Health.

The agency, which holds public health information up to Jan. 21, noted that there have been 10,061 cases since the beginning of October.

Of recorded cases, 25 victims have died and 7,321 hospitalized, it said.

Neighboring Zimbabwe has recorded zero cholera deaths in the past two weeks, according to official figures,

Mozambican authorities have identified nearly 30 districts that are grappling with active cholera cases and the Nampula Province in the north ranks the highest, with 3,246 cases and 12 deaths.

Within five days of the outbreak, authorities in Mozambique have vaccinated 2.2 million people in the most affected districts against a pandemic that continues to wreak havoc.

Mozambique's vaccination campaign targeted 1-year-olds and older. It was carried out in the districts of Chiure and Montepuez (Cabo Delgado province), Gile, Gurue and Mocuba (Zambezia), Magoe, Moatize and Zumbo (Tete) and Meringue (Sofala).

The African nation's vaccination campaign mobilized 1,136 teams with 7,337 staff, including vaccinators, mobilizers, registrars, supervisors, coordinators, data entry staff, logisticians and drivers, whose cost was around $1.3 million.