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Climate activists arrested in front of German Constitutional Court

Published May 22,2023

Two climate activists from the Last Generation group were arrested in front of Germany's Constitutional Court in the south-western city of Karlsruhe on Monday morning.

A person wearing a mask showing the face of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz entered the court's property with a percussion drill and was stopped by federal police officers, a police spokesman said. Another activist wearing a high-visibility waistcoat carried glue. Both were detained, according to police.

Justifying the action, a spokeswoman for Last Generation said in a statement that the federal government had no plan for a way out of the climate catastrophe. "In doing so, it is breaching the constitution," she said.

It was not initially disclosed whether the activists were men or women. Both were released after their personal details were established. They are now being investigated for trespassing and other suspected offences.