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Turkey develops artificial vein valve to treat diseases

Anadolu Agency ECONOMY
Published March 06,2021

Artificial vein valves developed by Turkish researchers and engineers are becoming a new horizon to treat cardiovascular diseases, especially venous diseases.

Millions of patients are faced with chronic venous insufficiency, which is one of the most common vascular diseases in the world, according to a statement by RD Global INVAMED,

The disease, which occurs in the veins, is caused by the breakdown of valves that prevent the backflow of blood. These fail to function when the valves break down for an unknown reason or when a clot forms in the veins.

The company said it leads to an increase in pressure in the veins and develops venous insufficiency over years, so the backflow of blood to the heart is disrupted and a condition called venous insufficiency occurs.

With the developed invention, the function of the damaged vein is restored.

The vascular implant, which is produced from high-tech polymers and smart materials, performs the remodeling process with a prosthesis that protects the structure with smart materials.

Although the procedure does not take long as it is performed with minimally invasive methods, RD Global & INVAMED said patient hospitalization times are short compared to current treatment methods.