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Turkish firm Turing Kimya invents lead-free radiation shield

Anadolu Agency ECONOMY
Published January 06,2021

A Turkish chemical company Turing Kimya produced the world's first lead-free radiation shield -- named Anti-rad -- by using boron minerals.

The indigenous radiation shield is expected to supplant lead-based shields, which are heavy and dangerous, according to a statement issued by Teknopark Istanbul, a technology development zone.

Turkey's lead imports are around $40 million annually.

Anti-rad is cost-efficient and can be used in various sectors including health, aviation, nuclear power plants and mobile phones.

"Boron-based materials will play an important role in protection from the radiation of 5G," said Tamer Çiçekçi, founder of the firm.

The firm applied for international patent registrations in May 2020, Çiçekçi noted.