US to mull auto tariffs if no trade deal with Europe

U.S. President Donald Trump said Tuesday that Washington will consider imposing auto tariffs on imports from Europe if a trade deal is not made.

"We expect to be able to make a deal with Europe. And if they don't make a deal, we'll certainly give that very strong consideration," Trump told reporters on the sidelines of World Economic Forum in Davos. "But we expect to make a deal with Europe."

Saying that Washington had very good talks with the European Union, Trump said his administration "will have to do something" if both sides fail to make a deal.

"We've been treated very badly as a country for many, many years on trade," he added.

In March 2018, Trump imposed tariffs of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum imports from a number of countries and the EU.

Trump also said he could impose additional tariffs on European cars and auto parts.

"We're protecting Europe and that's fine, but they can't do it to us on trade," he added.

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