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Western world begins to shift discourse against Israel

The Western world is experiencing a notable shift in its stance toward Israel amidst the ongoing Gaza conflict. Traditionally steadfast support, particularly from the United States, is showing signs of change as the humanitarian toll escalates. While Germany and the UK maintain support for Israel's claimed right to self-defense, there is a growing concern in the U.S., with implicit messages signaling unease

Agencies and A News DIPLOMACY
Published November 21,2023

In the United States, which has unconditionally supported Israel from the start, a subtle shift in stance is noticeable. While Washington initially refused to call for a "ceasefire" in Gaza, it has now started sending implicit messages to Israel as civilian casualties surpass 11,000.

Germany and the United Kingdom continue to support Israel, claiming its right to self-defense. Despite the massacre of thousands of civilians, these countries steadfastly oppose calls for a ceasefire.

In France, President Emmanuel Macron initially expressed support for Israel, but later called on Israel to halt attacks on civilians. However, Paris's response was not consistent in the face of the massacre in Gaza.

Belgium, home to the headquarters of international organizations such as the European Union and NATO, initially supported Israel. However, it changed its stance after attacks targeting civilians in Gaza and called for a war crimes investigation against Israel.

Norway, relying on Israel's claim of the right to self-defense, could not remain silent in the face of the killing of thousands of Palestinians. Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store criticized Israel for its disproportionate response and condemned ongoing rocket attacks from Gaza to Israel.

The Irish government called for accountability regarding Israel's attack on the al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza, emphasizing the need for an immediate ceasefire.

As for the European Union, there has been no call for a ceasefire in the face of Israel's attacks on Gaza. In the UN General Assembly, only 8 out of 27 EU member states supported a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Islamic countries convened urgently to discuss the Gaza agenda, calling for an immediate ceasefire and an investigation. Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, and Bolivia are among the countries supporting Palestine.