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Domino's Pizza planning to use AI-powered solutions to streamline pizza orders

Domino's Pizza, a US food company, has announced a collaboration with Microsoft to develop generative AI solutions aimed at personalizing orders and streamlining store logistics. The partnership aims to revolutionize pizza ordering and store operations by leveraging generative AI technology and the computing capabilities of cloud infrastructure.

Published October 03,2023
US food company Domino's Pizza said it has collaborated with Microsoft on generative AI solutions for personalized orders and simplified store logistics.

The companies plan to create the next generation of pizza ordering and store operations with generative AI technology and cloud computing power.

They will leverage the Microsoft Cloud and Azure OpenAI Service to transform Domino's consumer experiences, the companies said.

Domino's plans to begin piloting generative AI-powered solutions to stores and customers within the next six months.

As part of the strategic alliance, Domino's and Microsoft will establish an Innovation Lab. The companies noted that they are committed to responsible AI practices that protect customer data and privacy.

Kelly Garcia, Domino's executive vice president - chief technology officer, said: "Our collaboration over the next five years will help us serve millions of customers with consistent and engaging ordering experiences, while supporting our corporate stores, franchisees, and their respective team members with tools to make store operations more efficient and reliable."