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New York Times Magazine forces writer to resign for her support of Palestine

The New York Times Magazine pressured the award-winning staff writer Jazmine Hughes into resigning following her endorsement of a letter expressing support for Palestine.

Anadolu Agency AMERICAS
Published November 06,2023
(File Photo)

The New York Times Magazine forced award-winning staff writer Jazmine Hughes to resign after she signed a letter supporting Palestine, which the media called a violation of "editorial policies."

Hughes resigned from the magazine on Friday after signing a letter expressing support for Palestinians and protesting Israel's siege of Gaza.

Hughes' resignation was announced by Jake Silverstein, the editor of The New York Times Magazine, in an email to staff members on Friday evening.

"While I respect that she has strong convictions, this was a clear violation of The Times's policy on public protest," said Silverstein, adding "This policy, which I fully support, is an important part of our commitment to independence."

The petition Hughes signed about the Israel-Hamas war was published online last week by a group called Writers Against the War on Gaza.

On Friday, a contributing writer at the magazine who had also signed the letter, Jamie Lauren Keiles, said he would no longer contribute to the publication. He said on social media platform X that it is "a personal decision about what kind of work I want to be able to do."