Prosecutors seek life term for ex-CIA man on spy conviction

U.S. have been charging Mallory -- a former officer -- with intentionally puting human assets at risk by . If ex-CIA man is convicted, he will get a life sentence.

A former officer could get up to when he's sentenced on his conviction of .

The sentencing for of Leesburg, Virginia, has been delayed multiple times, in part because and defense attorneys still disagree on the extent of Mallory's misconduct.

A jury convicted Mallory last year under the for providing classified information to Chinese handlers in exchange for $25,000.

A judge ordered additional briefing on technical evidence about whether Mallory actually sent certain Top Secret documents to the Chinese.

Defense attorneys argue that Mallory provided information that was practically worthless. They seek a term no longer than 10 years at Friday's hearing.

Prosecutors say Mallory intentionally put human assets at risk. They're asking for a life sentence.

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