EU extends police missions in Palestine


The European Union on Tuesday extended its police missions in Palestine for 12 months.

The EU co-ordinating office for Palestinian police support in the West Bank and its border assistance mission for the Rafah crossing point in Gaza will operate until 30 June 2018, the EU Council said in a statement.

These missions are part of the EU efforts "in support of Palestinian state building in the context of working towards a comprehensive resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on a two-state solution," the EU Council added.

The EU has allocated over €14 million ($16 million) for its missions between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018.

Gaza's Rafah border gate is under control of the Egyptian authorities since the overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi in a 2013 military coup. Egypt has kept the border with Gaza mostly sealed.

Europe has described the crossing point as a "vital issue" for the freedom of movement of the 1.5 million Palestinians living in Gaza.

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