Kyrgyz Turks bring Central Asian culture to Cappadocia

AA Photo

Kyrgyz Turks living in Turkey have erected a tent city in Cappadocia, Nevşehir to promote Central Asian tradition, culture and cuisine.

The community had migrated to Afghanistan in 1978 due to Soviet oppression before finding their new home in eastern Turkey's Van in 1982. The Kyrgyz Turks arrived this year in Cappadocia to take part in tourism activities.

The Kyrgyz tents recreated here are faithful to the originals in Central Asia. They offer a glimpse of the community's lifestyle back home. The tents feature not technological devices and the food is cooked using traditional methods. They also teach tourists how to cook in traditional Kyrgyz food and show them how to play traditional games like archery and horse riding.

The members of the Kyrgyz families also wear traditional attire, taking tourists on a journey through time and place.

Kasımbek Varol, who is in charge of the activities in Kyrgyz tent, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that two families came to the region a month ago. "It is a good way to share their culture with people from different nationalities," he said.

Nuri Çobanoğlu, one of the founders of the Kyrgyz tent, said people are very curious about life in Central Asia and here they have the opportunity here to offer a glimpse of their lifestyles.

"We thought it is best to share our culture and lifestyle that date back thousands of years with people coming from all over the world. Our tents make our guests feel like they have traveled to our homeland. They also have the chance to taste the delicious Kyrgyz food," added Çobanoğlu.

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