Man finds peace in small village after leaving city behind

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Life in the city can be tiring and at some point, one needs to get away, return to nature and a simpler lifestyle. Fifty-year-old former journalist Fevzi Yeniçeri is one of the people who found peace in a small village.

Working in the Turkish media for more than 25 years, Yeniçeri gave up his life in Istanbul and settled down in Adatepe, a small village in western Turkey's Çanakkale. Located on the foothills of Mount Ida, Adatepe became a source of peace and a beginning of a new life for Yeniçeri, who moved to this beautiful place three years ago.

After moving to the village, Yeniçeri began working on his own vineyard and ceramics in his workshop. Although he began ceramics as a hobby, his work was so loved by his visitors that he decided to open a ceramics shop in the village.

"I first thought I could not live in a small village after getting used to big city life. While my wife and I were traveling around Çanakkale, I suddenly realized that we could actually make it in a small village. The next day, we bought the house that we are living in now," said Yeniçeri.

Every morning, Yeniçeri wakes up to the beautiful view of Mount Ida and goes to the village tea shop, chatting with the locals. Then he heads to his workshop and takes care of his vineyard. "Urban life is savage. At some point, you lose your humanity. If people accept that life is simpler, it is easy to adapt to village life," said Yeniçeri.

However, village life is not for slackers. Yeniçeri said there are physical requirements for daily life in the village. "You have to carry wood for the heater in winter and take care of your garden throughout the year. Working with the soil is extremely delightful, but it requires effort. When you look up and see the green leaves on the trees and hear the birds singing, it is really beautiful. It is not something you can get in the city," said Yeniçeri.

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