Oddly shaped rocks of Sivas now a tourist hot spot

Strange rock formations in Sivas have been a source of myths and stories for decades.

If you happen to find yourself in central Anatolia on the outskirts of Sivas, you will see oddly shaped rocks that look like they are defying gravity. Located in Sivas's Kangal district, these stage rocks have been drawing the attention of the locals as well as tourists. Some visitors go there to pray, while in the past others went to sacrific SİVAS e animals. The sensation has grown so big that people started to make up stories and theories about how these rocks came into being. While some of them claim that they were placed by the ancients, some believe that they are just results of geological events.

Gülpınar Akbulut Özpay, a professor at Sivas Cumhuriyet University, said that these kinds of rock formations come into being after erosion and floods and are called "witness rocks" as they witness all these changes in the topography. Özpay said that these rocks can easily be opened to tourism.

"Since the rocks look like they are tilted in the same direction, they are already a major draw for photography lovers. The locals have so many stories and myths about the rocks that the tourists already love coming to see these rocks. Known with their pure bred Kangal dogs, the district might have found a new center of attention."

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