Swedish far-right extremists call for setting mosques on fire and slaughtering Muslims - report

A report published in has brought out into the open that the far right groups in have been waging an anti-Muslim campaign via the internet sites and social media platforms to provoke people to set on and .

Far right groups in are spewing hatred online by asking people to set mosques on and slaughter , according to a report by Expo magazine.

The magazine managed to document the correspondence of 11 different closed groups used by far right groups which were followed by 44,000 people -- and even included comments by members of the Sweden Democrats party known for its anti-migration rhetoric.

According to the report, the main target of the group was Muslims followed by migrants, black people and some Swedish leftists politicians.

The posts in these groups mostly called for killing Muslims in Sweden, torching and spraying worshippers inside with bullets.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, head of Sweden's Social Democratic Party, was addressed in the groups as a traitor who should be killed.

Psychologist Katie Cohen said the language used in these groups resembled the rhetoric used by the Nazis during World War II and perpetrators of the Rwanda Genocide.

Cohen said such comments could radicalize some people into committing acts of violence, however, it did not necessarily mean that all members of these groups would turn violent.

Mikail Yüksel, a Turkish-born politician who founded the Party of Different Colors in Sweden, said the report was concerning and said racists have started to be more organized through internet.

Referring to the Christchurch attacks in New Zealand where over 50 Muslims were shot dead by a white-supremacist and mosque attacks in the Norwegian capital Oslo, Yüksel said assailants were influenced by the provocative social media posts and started to view Muslims as a target that must be eliminated.

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