Turkish students improve scores in global academic test

Turkish students improved across all three tested disciplines, math, reading and science, according to a report released on Tuesday on the 2018 Program for International Student Assessment () tests.

Held by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (), PISA ranked 15-year-old students from Turkey as 42nd in maths, 40th in reading skills and 39th in science among 79 countries and economies.

It assesses 15-year-old students across 79 countries in maths, reading and science, releasing performance reports on a country-by-country basis.

The Turkish Education Ministry published on Tuesday a detailed evaluation report of the PISA 2018 results.

Turkey, which had suffered from low PISA scores in 2015, recorded significant improvement in all three skills in 2018 -- one of the only three countries to do so, according to the report.

Turkey recorded a ten-point improvement in reading, eight points in maths and 15 point in science skills in 2018 compared to 2015.

Turkey recorded the highest increase in mathematics and science scores in 2018 among 36 OECD countries.

Turkey has participated in PISA surveys held every three years since 2003. A total of 79 countries participated in the 2018 PISA survey, while the number of countries was 72 in 2015.

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