UK PM Johnson urges opposition to call confidence vote

British Prime Minister on Wednesday challenged opposition parties to call a vote of no confidence in his government, telling them in parliament: "what are they scared of?" As he faced MPs for the first time since the Supreme Court quashed his suspension of parliament, Johnson asked: "Will they have the courage to act?... Come on, then."

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged opposition parties to try to topple his government with a no-confidence vote.

In an extremely unusual move, Johnson said the government would welcome a no-confidence motion from any of the opposition parties. He said he would make time for such a vote on Thursday.

If the government lost, a two-week period would be triggered in which Johnson or another lawmaker could try to form a new government and win a subsequent .

If that failed, there would be an election.

Johnson wants to hold an election in hope of breaking the stalemate over Brexit that has left Britain's departure, scheduled for Oct. 31, in limbo.

Earlier this month lawmakers twice rejected a call for a snap poll.

Opposition lawmakers say they won't trigger an election until the risk of crashing out of the EU next month without a divorce deal has been eliminated.

Johnson accuses his opponents of being scared of the public.

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