After Aramco attacks, Houthis threaten more

The Yemeni Houthi group on Tuesday threatened Saudi Arabia that its attacks will be "more painful" if the Arab coalition military operations don't stop on .

The statement, read by group's spokesperson Mohamed Abdel Salam, also criticized several countries saying that they are "completely silent in front of the century's crime against the Yemeni people".

"Oil is not more precious than the blood of our Yemeni people," he added.

The group's spokesperson demanded the countries that condemned the attacks on Saudi oil facilities to end the Arab coalition attacks on Yemen saying: "those who call for stability in the region must urge the coalition of aggression to stop its attacks and end the siege imposed on the Yemeni people".

Following the attacks by Houthi drones on oil facilities, the Saudi oil production has decreased by 5.7 million barrels to about half of the usual daily volume, Riyadh announced.

The Saudi-led coalition repeatedly said in previous occasions that they take measures to prevent casualties within civilians, yet, according to UN estimates, more than 70,000 people have been killed in the raging conflict since 2016.

Since March 2015, the Arab military coalition led by , along with a heavy involvement of the United Arab Emirates, launched military operations in Yemen to support the legitimate forces of the Yemeni government in their fight against the Houthi rebels backed by Iran.

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