Senior officials inspect abandoned Maraş in Cyprus

Officials from and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus () took an inspection tour to closed Maraş, an abandoned city in the northern part of the divided island of Cyprus, on Friday.

Turkey's Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Ersoy visited the region to have an air and ground inspection of the closed -- or Varosha in Greek.

Ersoy was accompanied by TRNC's Environment and Culture Minister Ünal Üstel during his visit, according to a statement by Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry.

Closed Maraş is a ghost city where entry is forbidden, with the exception of the Turkish army personnel.

Ersoy said a project to be prepared by TRNC will be submitted to Turkey's Culture and Tourism Ministry, which is ready to provide the necessary technical and financial support after an ownership inventory work is completed.

Closed Maraş was abandoned after the UN Security Council passed Resolution 550 on May 11,1984, which barred the resettlement of the town.

The TNRC on June 18 announced the opening of Maraş to tourists.

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