Russian opposition leader released after 30-day arrest

File Photo

Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny on Friday got out of a pretrial detention center in Moscow, where he served 30-day arrest for calling on people to take to the streets.

Navalny, founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation and chairman of Russia's opposition Progress Party, was arrested on July 24 for the repeated violation of rules for conducting public events.

The politician also campaigned for organizing "unauthorized" protests rather than asking for an approval for a formal political rally.

Navalny was hospitalized while in the detention center and his family doctor, Anastasia Vasilyeva, said he could have been poisoned and Russian intelligence services may have had a role in alleged poisoning.

Government doctors announced that they found no toxic agents in Navalny's blood, after examining his blood test.

Then, his lawyer filed a legal complaint over Navalny's alleged poisoning and requested a chemical and toxicological forensic examination to establish the damaging substance and demanded footage from surveillance cameras in the detention center.

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