Italy to expel 54 Ajax fans ahead of Juventus match

AA photo

Italy will expel 54 Dutch Ajax fans after they were found to be in possession of weapons a day before the team's Champions League clash against Juventus, the country's Interior Ministry said Monday.

Police stopped two buses of Ajax supporters on the outskirts of Turin and confiscated knives, fireworks, pepper spray, flares, a hammer and a baton. They will be expelled after identity checks.

"Thanks to the police. No one can be permitted to come to Italy to cause trouble. Our stadiums and our cities are closed to those who are violent," Interior Minister Matteo Salvini told reporters.

Dutch police similarly prevented some 120 Juventus fans from entering Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam earlier this month before the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals and some of them were detained after violence erupted between fans of the two teams.

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