European fugitives get 'postcards' from Europol


Some of Europe's most-wanted fugitives are receiving tongue-in-cheek online 'postcards' from Europol.

The European police authority on Friday released the postcards on its website, targeting dozens of individuals wanted on serious criminal charges in 21 EU countries.

A 53-year-old Croatian fugitive wanted in a case of aggravated murder was asked to get in touch: "Dear Marko, the waters of the Adriatic are missing you. Come sail with us for a trip you will never forget! Regards, the Police."

Another postcard featuring Austria's famous snow-capped mountains called on 61-year-old murder suspect Tibor Foco to "please come back to enjoy our beautiful Alps".

The postcards lead members of the public to the Europol website which gives detailed information about dozens of fugitives, including if there is a reward for a reliable report on their whereabouts.

The police authority also warned European holidaymakers the fugitives "might even have chosen the same destination as you".

"While most of us are enjoying a well-deserved summer break, criminals are not taking time off from crime. Holiday destinations have proven to be popular hiding places for criminals on the run from law enforcement.

"That's why your information can be vital to catch some of Europe's most-wanted fugitives," Europol said.

"By sharing these postcards and providing information, you can help us complete that last piece of the puzzle so that we can ultimately reach the fugitives," Europol added, claiming previous initiatives had led to the arrest of 36 suspects.

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