Erdoğan says Muslims won't remain silent on Jerusalem crisis


Turkish President Erdoğan spoke against the latest restrictions around Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, Muslims' third-holiest site.

Turkey's president has condemned Israeli security precautions at a sensitive Jerusalem holy site saying the Islamic world would not remain silent.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed reporters Sunday in Istanbul before departing on a visit to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.

He says: "No one can expect the Islamic world to remain unresponsive after the humiliation Muslims suffered with the restrictions at the Noble Sanctuary."

"Al-Aqsa not only belongs to Palestinians, it is the honor and sacred place of 1.7 billion Muslims worldwide," he said.

"As Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Summit Term President, I call for Israel once more to act in line with law and basic human values. I would like to underline once again that they should avoid steps that escalate tensions," he added.

Erdoğan stressed, "Turkey will continue to work to establish peace in the area and support our Palestinian brothers' fight for freedom and justice."

"We do not find our brothers experiencing trouble and distress right by any means, and we are deeply saddened by the latest incidents. Today, as Muslims, we are in a period where we should be closely united and close ranks more than ever. The trouble, the suffering in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Palestine are obvious. Unfortunately, new problems are being added to existing ones every day. What happened at Al-Aqsa in the sight of the world is an example of this," he said.

Earlier this week, Israel installed metal detectors at the shrine in response to a deadly attack by Arab gunmen there which killed two Israeli policemen. The metal detectors are perceived by the Palestinians as an encroachment on Muslim rights and have led to protests in the Muslim world.

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