Attackers kill police at eid festival Indonesia


Two militants on Sunday fatally stabbed a policeman who was securing Eid al-Fitr celebrations in the province of North Sumatra.

National Police Inspector General Setyo Wasisto told Anadolu Agency one of the attackers was killed after he attacked the officer who was resting inside a police station in Medan.

"An alleged terrorist was killed in the scene, while another was in critical condition," Wasisto said.

The officer, Aiptu Martua Sigalinging, died from injuries to his neck, chest and hands.

Police have yet to identify the attackers or the group to which they belong.

Terrorist in Indonesia have focused attacks on police, who they call toghut, or unbeliever and the attack Sunday was the second on police in the past two months.

Indonesia is on high alert after three officers were killed last month by a pair of attackers.

National Police have urged officers to be alert, tighten security at police stations and have stepped up raids in a number of areas.

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