'Yes' victory given wide coverage by international media

The international media has given huge coverage to the 16 April Turkish referendum. The referendum was Sunday's main headline all over the world coverage of the referendum started in the early hours.

Announcements of the result were also given important coverage. Banners reading "yes" leading in the ballot box" featured on the screens of many international broadcast outlets until the final result was announced.

The announcement of the result gave additional momentum to the world media. Many wrote and broadcast about the Turkish transformation of the presidential system.

♦ "Erdoğan AK Party claims victory" writes Aljazeera in its headline.

♦ "PM claims win" says BBC.

♦ The Washington Post wrote "Erdoğan declares victory"

♦ The words of CNN were "Turkey votes to expand president's power"

Almost all media outlets gave special coverage to the Turkish president's celebration of the "yes" response. They also broadcast and wrote about the Prime Minister and the President's Speeches

Celebrations of the "yes" vote victory were covered prominently speeches of the Turkish Prime Minister and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan were broadcast live with simultaneous translation.

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