USA hits YPG

A short statement released by the Pentagon, said that coalition strikes had mistakenly hit YPG positions in northern Syria. The Pentagon added that at least 18 YPG fighters had been killed by so called friendly fire.

Reportedly, the strike was requested by partnered forces who had identified the target location as a DAESH fighting position. Washington has supported the YPG terror group since the beginning of the civil war in Syria.

İt would seem the Pentagon's aim is to use YPG terrorists as ground forces to combat DAESH, yet another terror group.

Meanwhile, the US-led coalition flatly denied as false an Assad regime claim that the coalition had carried out air strikes in Syria's deir ez-zor hitting DAESH held poison gas supplies and causing the deaths of hundreds of people.

Last week, the United States launched cruise missiles at a Syrian air base in response to regime chemical attacks on the province of İdlib, that killed over 100 civilians.

The U.S. strike on the Syrian air base was the first time Washington has deliberately and directly targeted the Syrian government. It is separately waging an air campaign against DAESH in eastern Syria.

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