US representative Ed Royce links to Gulenist terror organization

This is how the PKK supporters made a scene in front of the Turkish embassy in Washington during President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's US visit.

US representative Ed Royce made anti-Turkey remarks following the attack aimed at Turkish citizens. However, it has been revealed that the source of Royce's comments came from none other than Gulenist terror organization members.

The connection between Royce and the Gulenist terror organization came to light after a post shared on social media.

The terror organization's so-called political counselling institution called "the estopinal group" shared one of the key figures in the US, Süleyman Turhanoğullari, as well as Ed Royce.

The caption below the photograph said, "We had talks regarding world issues with Royce".

In a related development, it has also been revealed that the Gulenist terror organization members had donated thousands of dollars to the American representatives' campaigns.

The Rumi Forum, which is run by the organization, also hosted politicians from Ed Royce's staff in Turkey.

Royce has said that weaponsales to Turkey should stop, and that Turkey was driven further away from democracy after the incident that took place in front of the Turkish Embassy.

Royce also openly stated that the PKK supporters were only making a "peaceful protest".

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