US continues YPG arms deliveries

Apparently aiming to strengthen the fight against Daesh, the United States is continuing its support of the YPG terrorist group. In the last few days, a convoy of 70 trucks, carrying military equipment including several 4 by 4 vehicles, set out from a US airbase in Syria.

With the latest deliveries, a total of 218 truckloads of equipment will have been delivered to the PYD north of Raqqah within the last three weeks.

Meanwhile, Turkey, which strongly opposes arming the YPG terror group and is closely following developments in the region, has said there are signs suggesting YPG forces opened a safe corridor for Daesh to retreat from Raqqah.

Turkish presidential spokesman İbrahim Kalın pointed out that the PYD and YPG had done the same thing in Manbij before and said the incidents prove that terror groups will cooperate when it suit them.

The spokesman added that Turkey was insistent that the U.S. should follow an alternative strategy to liberate Raqqa from Daesh.

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