The Gülenist Terrorist Organization a threat to global security

For the last 40 years, the Gülenist Terror Organization has been conspiring to seize Turkey from its legitimate government.

The terrorist organization, which was behind the bloody coup attempt of july 15th 2016 has left the whole world wondering how it formed its poisonous ideology and grew to become the threat it was over the years.
The Gülenist network is no ordinary terrorist organization. Its members conceal their real identities in Turkey and numerous other countries. Their mission is to infiltrate into critical state institutions, especially the army, judiciary and security and intelligence units.

Ever since the network launched the Hizmet Movement in 1970 around the world, They have conspired under the cover of providing educational services.

U.S. based Fethullah Gülen, the self proclaimed imam of the network is the leader of the terror organization.

With the aim of establishing a state within a state, Gülenist terrorists penetrate into strategic institutions by seemingly functioning as schools, educational/cultural centers, or non-governmental organizations. Their conspiracies against legitimate governments knows no limits as the terrorists use deception, treachery and illegal activities to achieve their objectives.
The terrorist organization has been interfering in the political process of various countries since the 1980s. Even the name of one of their publications, "Sizinti" translates as 'infiltration'.
Such is the magnitude of the terror network that Turkey has been fighting that it is threatened not just within its borders but also in 170 other countries.

Based on a foundation of religion-money-politics, the Gülenists started developing their international network from the early 1990s, spreading treachery with their own media outlets, schools, private teaching institutions and banks.
Using the cover of 'interfaith dialogue' the terrorist group built up legitimacy in the west by exploiting the religious and spiritual emotions of authorities and citizens alike. The global terror network has established more than 500 companies, hundreds of foundations and media outlets, and over 1,000 schools across 170 countries.

One of its objectives is to poison young minds and to this end the Gülenist Terror Organization operates around 1000 educational institutions.
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