Syrian refugees want end of conflict

Syrian refugees want more action to be taken to end the conflict in Syria. The Syrian crisis is the most devatatıng crisis of the 21st century, and it is getting worse and more complicated each passing day. This crisis took on a new shape last week, when the Syrian government used chemical weapons again. The us made a cruise missile strike, said to be in response to a nerve gas attack on Khan Sheikhoun, which has been widely blamed on government forces.

According to un statistics, approximately, 13.5 million people have needed humanitarian assistance, nearly 5 million people have had to leave their homes. Around 6.3 million people have been internally displaced by violence. 2.8m people are living with permanent disabilities, 7m people have food insecurıty, the current situation in Syria is not bright, after recent chemical attacks of the brutal Assad regime forces on its own people and the us. Strike on the Syrian regime military base. People are suffering and it seems almost impossible that there will be any permanent solutions coming soon.

Turkey has called for no-fly and safe zones since the beginning of this conflict, and if that offer had been considered, Assads regımes's brutal chemical attack could not have happened, and many thousands of Syrians would not have been killed and woud be alive today.

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