PKK/PYD loots civilians in Syria's Raqqa by using US weapons

PKK affiliated PYD terrorists have looted houses of civilians in northern Raqqa, local sources reported.

The residents of Tal Samen, whose houses were burglarized, clashed with PKK terrorists.

Protecting PKK terrorists, US forces in the area intervened with armored vehicles, personnel carriers and mine detectors and established a buffer zone in the district.

PKK/PYD terrorists reportedly do not allow civilians who escape death in Raqqa to enter the organization-held cities.

Local sources said that terrorists extort money from civilians entering the cities while sending some away to camps.

Despite Turkey reiterating PYD's threat to civil lives and stability in the region, the United States recently sent almost 900 trucks of weapons and ammunition to PYD to supposedly fight against Daesh in the region.

PKK is listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the European Union and the United States.

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