Nazi incidents continue with racist letters

Nazi practices know no boundaries in Germany... The latest comes as threatening racist letters were sent to Turkish families who backed constitutional changes in last weeks referendum... let's see that shocking story...

The latest in a spate of shocking Nazi-like incidents in Germany. Turkish families in the northwestern town of bruhl have been subjected to deeply racist letters telling them to leave to the country...

The letters attacked Turkish expats who backed the constitutional changes proposed by Turkey's ruling party in last week's referendum.

The letters come as Germany engages in heated public debate on the April 16 referendum, with many taking opportunity to express hatred and racist feelings towards Turkey and its leaders...

Halis Özdoğan, a German citizen of Turkish origin who has been living in the country since 1974, told Anadolu Ggency that the letter his family received left them in shock.

(sb) Halis Özdoğan recipient of the racist letter:

""The message to us here is that 'either you will be like us, or you will leave the county'. This is frightening, this is unacceptable,"

"We live in a country where there is democracy and freedom of thought. Everyone can believe whatever they want, think and live however they want."

German politicians who backed the no campaign argued that high levels of support for President Erdoğan and the proposed presidential system among expats was a sign that they were not well-integrated.

Several far-right politicians called on Turks who backed the yes campaign to leave Europe and return to Turkey.

Turkish community leaders have sharply criticized such calls and warned against growing racism in Germany.

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