Muslims worried about US President Trump's policies towards them

The 2017 annual hajj pilgrimage on Friday saw Muslims express concerns and fear regarding US President Donald Trump's policies towards Muslims.

Pilgrim from Malaysia, Abdul Azim Zainul Abideen, saying: "My message will be I think he should stop attacking this religion because we don't have anything against any Americans or non-Muslims. We are very peaceful religion."

Pilgrim from Malaysia, Anisa Zainul Abideen, saying: "Trump's message and how he does things will create more violence and more people having bad views of Islam; meaning that we're all like the devil, we shouldn't be on this earth but then we are all human."

Pilgrim from Malaysia, Anisa Zainul Abideen, saying: "Trump should not view Islam as a terrorist because as you can see here all types of races from all countries are here regardless whether you are rich or poor we still hug each other here, just because of one or two that does bad things that doesn't mean everybody are terrorists."

Islamophobia is a common subject at meals and while waiting in long lines to pray and conduct various rituals in Saudi Arabia.

During his candidacy, Trump proposed a ban on Muslims from entering the United States. in office, he ordered temporary ban on people from several Muslim-majority countries, which was later ruled discriminatory by US courts.

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