Macron surprise boost in polls

The countdown to French presidential election is almost finished. The first round of the election will take place on sunday . The candidates all come from different backgrounds and Le Pen and Macron are the favorites to reach the second round of the election on May seventh.

After the surprise outcome of Britain's Brexit referendum and the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, many are wondering what kind of politician will ultimately govern France.

The top candidates in 2017's French election are Francois Fillon, The Nationalist Marine Le Pen and Independent Emmanuel Macron.

According to recent polls that were released just a few days before the election, the pro-eu candidate Macron leads the poll with 23 percent.

Le Pen, who vows to freeze immigration, is just behind with 22 percent.

Fillion is not far behind with around 20 percent.

Macron has become a surprise frontrunner since he announced that he would run under a new party named En Marche.

Current President Hollande's socialist party is losing its popularity after a disastrous term in France.

Francois Fillon is also at a disadvantage in the election because of the scandal over his wife being paid thousands of euros to do fabricated government jobs.

Marine Le Pen could ride to the Elysee Palace on a wave of populism.

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