Joy of saved villagers refutes YPG/PKK's baseless claims

Following the liberation of Jinderes town of south west Afrin by the Turkish soldiers yesterday, civilians there expressed great joy upon the arrival of Turkish soldiers in their village.

Some shed tears of joy, and some danced in the streets when the town was liberated after spending months in their shelters.

This is how civilians welcomed the Turkish soldiers and Free Syrian Army.

The Syrian town of Jinderes, which is a key area in the Operation Olive-Branch, has just been cleared of terrorists.

Turkish soldiers and the Free Syrian Army then entered the villages of Mezra and Maristal Hatip, which have also been cleared of terrorists.

Civilians waiting to be saved for months welcomed Turkish soldiers with joy.

A flood of emotions and with tears joy were seen in the civilians' eyes.

Calls of takbir echoed in south west Afrin.

This is only one of the sufferers who was stuck in a building after running away from the torture of terror organizations PKK/PYD that lasted months.

After waiting to be saved without food and water for days, this is how the helpless woman rejoiced when she saw Turkish soldiers.

This is only one of the shelters. Many women and children waiting inside for months shed tears of happiness.

Civilians stuck in their shelters expressed their gratitude and prayed for turkey.

Some of the crying villagers got out and hugged soldies, and some danced in joy in the streets.

Those who claimed Turkish soldiers harmed civilians in the Operation Olive-Branch were also proven wrong.

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