Germany patronizes terrorism

Germany, having become the hub of terrorism, continues to patronize and provide propaganda for the PKK. Germany wants to influence the Turkish referendum, which will shape the future political systems of Turkey. Germany's hypocrisy and enmity towards Turkey has reached a new level .The German public broadcaster ard depicted PKK as freedom fighters in their tv programme. Ard freely promotes PKK propaganda , even though the PKK is a listed as a terror organization by the EU and USA. Turkey will vote in a referendum to shape its future on sunday. To achieve political stability and prosperity Turkey needs a 'yes' vote. Germany has not allowed 'yes' campaigns for the referendum, however, they have shown obvious support for 'no' propaganda. Germany became the host country and safe haven for all sorts of illegal groups, such as the DHKP-C, PKK and FETO, the recent Gülenist coup plotters.


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