Geert Wilders' tweet banned due to hatred

German authorities have blocked the far right extremist Dutch politician Geert Wilders' Twitter message after the terror attack in Manchester.

In his tweet, Wilders called out for a "fight against Islamization". The far right extremist leader gave anti-Islamic messages, saying: "They hate us and kill us; yet nobody protects us. Our leaders have once again betrayed us. We need to seal the borders so that we can prevent the Islamization in our community."

However, German authorities prevented the tweet from being published. A spokesman for Twitter stated that Wilders' message was blocked upon his application as his tweet was against the laws of German authorities.

The resolution passed by the German ministry of justice bans all kinds of social media messages promoting grudge and hate.

The regulation also states that social media institutions that do not take the necessary precautions regarding hate messages within 24 hours will be fined up to 50 million euros.

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