Fashion for disabled in Ethiopia

"There are many people who complain everyday yet they have normal bodies. The rich grumble, the poor grumble but I'm free from that. I'm so unique in this world and beautiful. I have a lot to do for this world. So I don't care and worry about my disability status." These are words from 27 year old Sabela Kadir. She is among hundreds of thousands of disabled people in Ethiopia. Sabela was born with disabilities. But she has worked her way to the top of society.

Sabela is an actor, director, script writer, and a model. With new initiatives disabled people in Ethiopia like Sabela with disabilities are now able to order bespoke designer clothing to suit their body shape. The designs have been shown on the runway in Addis Ababa.

Designer, Tigest Demesse has helped boost kadir's Self Esteem. Tigest has designed and made a dress especially for sabela using her preferred colours - black and white.

Sabela wore the outfit in Ethiopia's first ever fashion show made up entirely of models with disabilities and showing bespoke clothes for people with disabilities.

On the day of the show the dressing room was abuzz with models preparing for the runway. Each garment is bespoke to take into account the specific disability and body shape of the wearer.

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