Egypt-UAE to overthrow Abbas to make Dahlan new leader of Palestine

Have Egypt and the UAE agreed to overthrow the Palestinian government? Who will be the contract killer of the Middle East?

A leading Israeli writer has recently revealed an Israel-Egypt-UAE plan to install Mohamed Dahlan as Palestinian leader in the Gaza strip instead of Mahmoud Abbas. The aim is to neutralize the role of Qatar and Turkey in Gaza.

Dahlan is an exiled former leader of the Palestinian political party Fatah in Gaza and the West Bank. He has close ties to the UAE monarchy.

Under Dahlan's leadership a separate state of Gaza could become a reality, reflecting a plan long plotted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government according to Zvi Barel, an editor at Israel's Haaretz newspaper.

If the plan is implemented successfully, Egypt could ease the siege of Gaza by opening the Rafah border crossing allowing the UAE to fund a power station on the Egyptian side of the border, according to Barel.

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