Drone footages uncover YPG/PKK planting bombs to stop fleeing citizens

A video shot by the Turkish Armed Forces' drone shows the YPG/PKK terrorists setting bombs at the exit point of Qurayriah Village in Syria's Afrin, in a bid to prevent civilians from leaving the village.

One of the videos revealed that a minivan, which was transporting the civilians out of the village was targeted by the roadside bomb.

A three-month-old baby and two other children were killed in the explosion.

It can be seen in the drone footages that two YPG/PKK terrorist group members were planting improvised explosive devices close to the village's exit point.

The footages also showed the kalashnikovs-wielding terrorists planting improvised explosive devices on the roadside.

The drone filmed the moment when two terrorists were neutralized by the Turkish air force.

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