Coalition forces hit accidentally 490 civilians between august 2014 and april 2017

The international US-led coalition has reportedly killed around 490 civilians "by mistake" in the operations taking place in Syria and Iraq. The statement was made by the U.S. central command. The reports had striking information in numbers.

According to the data, 21,035 air strikes were carried out in Iraq and Syria between august 2014 and april 2017. Coalition forces have caused the death of 490 civilians, and allegedly, "by mistake". According to sources, only 118 of the 440 reported casualties were confirmed.

Meanwhile, local sources and independent non-governmental organizations say the number of casualties is a lot higher than stated.

According to reports by the observer organization, "airwars", around 3,850 civilians have been killed in coalition attacks.

The organization estimates that more than 2,700 of those killed in the airstrikes were a result of actions by US air forces.

Shortly after Centcom reports were released, it was announced that 28 more civilians have been killed and dozens wounded in the airstrikes that coalition jets carried out in operations around Syria's Raqqa.

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