Clashes between protesters and police in France

Hundreds of people have taken to the streets of Paris calling for politicians to heed the voices of ordinary citizens.

The demonstration, a day before France votes in the presidential race, was organised by unions and associations.

The event was called the "first round for social issues".

Some clashes with police broke out on the sidelines of the demonstration, wıth some protesters throwıng rocks and other objects.

Police responded with teargas to the rock throwing,
which appeared to originate from anarchist groups walking with the union marchers.

demonstrators said the elections will not be enough to drive change in France and urged people to mobilise in the social movements.

Polls in the final days of the campaign put all the candidates roughly on between a fifth and a quarter of the vote,
with around five percentage points or less separating them - threatening the margin of error for polling companies.

High levels of abstention and indecision are also a key factor.

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