Activists in Amman march towards Israeli embassy for its closure

A protest breaks out outside the Israeli embassy in Jordan. Around a hundred activists staged an anti-Israeli protest towards the Israeli embassy in Amman.

Protesters chanted anti-Israeli slogans and called on the Jordanian government to annul a 1994 peace treaty with Israel and to shut down the Israeli embassy.

Hind al-Fayez, former Jordanian lawmaker: "This is a very important movement to reflect to the world that the Jordanian blood is not cheap. We have signed this agreement, the humiliation agreement since 1994. The Israelis never respected any of the articles, and (Are) now killing the Jordanian people in cold blood and without any consequences. No, they will be held against what they did to the Jordanian blood, to the Jordanian people. We don't want this embassy, the embassy of the regime that knows only killing and betraying."

Riot police prevented protesters from marching towards the embassy.

Maysara Malas, anti-Israel activist: "Our message again is to reject the Zionist embassy on Jordanian soil and to reject the relations (between) the Jordanian officials and the Zionist entity. We demand to annul the Araba peace treaty and declare the Zionist enemy as an enemy of this nation."

The protest comes amid heightened diplomatic tensions between Israel and Jordan over the crisis around al-Aqsa compound which escalated after last month's deadly shooting at the Israeli embassy in Amman.
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