A recent poll reveals Britains not happy with Brexit process

Britain's discontent with the Brexit process is now official.

According to a recent poll, 61 percent of British voters disapprove of British Prime Minister Theresa May's handling of the process.

It seems Britain has less than two years to settle terms for the divorce as well as to figure out its future relationship with the EU before it is due to leave in late march 2019.

A poll made on the 2nd of August showed that 61 of British voters were not happy with the Brexit process; up from 56 percent last month and 46 percent in June.

Meanwhile, the Chief Mandarin at the foreign office until 2015, Sir Simon Fraser said he was concerned the Brexit negotiations have not begun well, and that the UK had not put forward a clear position.

Fraser said: "There are differences within the cabinet about the sort of brexit that we are heading for and until those differences are further resolved I think it's very difficult for us to have a clear position."

He later called on the government to publish further details about its views on issues, including future customs arrangements and the Northern Irish border in the coming weeks.

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