We are aware a game is being played, says President Erdoğan

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended an exhibition in İstanbul featuring art works inspired by the sacred trust, consisting of belongings of Prophet Muhammad and his companion.

This is how President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan portrayed the current situation of Europe. He emphasized that this was an important opportunity for Turkey.

"We have to make use of this critical era and we shall never forget that each crisis is a new opportunity. We can always reverse the traps that are being set against us, and use them as a stairway for our ascension. This is why we need to hold on to our unity, solidarity and brotherhood with close bonds." President Erdoğan said in a statement.

President Erdoğan spoke at the "in the light of the sacred trust" exhibition organized under the theme of humans and civilizations in İstanbul. "The violence in Syria and and Iraq, which hosted the most beautiful Works of Islamic Art for many centuries are wounding and burning our hearts. Sometimes I say to myself, Oh Syria, I wish I never got to know you. Of course, it hurts us much more as we already got to know you at this point. It breaks our hearts and basically devastates us when all these Works of art are ruined and razed to the ground. " He said and drew attention to the ferocity in Iraq.

Erdoğan said that he was aware of the game being played. He called out for unity and solidarity. "In essence, we know very well that the game played in the area targets our future. However, unfortunately, I will pronounce this in sorrow, that we are not working towards maintaining our unity, fraternity and strength; but some of our own is working to create division from inside, and that hurts us deeply. We are going through a period where we need to reinforce our unity, solidarity and fraternity more than ever." said President Erdoğan.

President Erdoğan said that Turkey would take the lead in unifying Islam.
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