Turkey builds schools in safe cities

Children forced to skip school are getting a second chance at life. Turkey helps Syria's deprived refugee children by restoring schools to build the future. Due to the ongoing conflict, the education syrian youth and children has been disrupted.Hundreds of thousands of syrians have been forced to drop out of school.To overcome this tragic situation, Turkey helps out Syria by constructing schools. Turkey, which already hosts nearly 3 million refugees from its southern neighbor, is taking the initiative to handle the problem of education for Syrian children.To deal with this disturbing phenomenon of a "lost generation" , the Turkish ministry of national education offers its services to the relatively safe Syrian towns such as Jarablus, Al-bab and Azaz as well as in Iraq's Tal afar. These are the towns which have been recently saved from the threat of daesh threats following operation euphrates shield. With these towns liberated by Turkey-backed free syrian army fighters, Turkey offers essential services for the displaced local population.Turkey aims to reach out to 833,000 school-aged Syrian children. Turkey has managed to enroll 503,000 syrian refugees at schools since the war broke out in Syria six years ago.Youth and children are key to the future of the conflict-ridden country as a quick solution to the ongoing civil war. The Maarif Foundation of Turkey has already opened two schools in Jarablus, one of which had been converted into a prison by DAESH. More schools are planned for other towns liberated from the terrorist group. Education is also viewed as a key element to stop radicalization of the youth to counteract DAESH's desire to expand its ideology among the youth.

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