Scandalous proposal from Germany

Germany's discrimination is off limits... German Foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel's new proposal regarding visa exemption for no voters astonished many...

Germany's scandalous attempts against the presidential system in Turkey are at full pace. As the country works like the main opposition party to lure people to their side, German authorities continue their attempts to promote the no voters in their own way.

After Germany's support to "no campaigns" during the referendum process failed, now it seems they are to follow a brand new path to promote the opposers.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel recently proposed a visa exemption for those who voted against the constitutional reform in Turkey.

Gabriel asked, "Why shouldn't we allow intellectuals, artists and journalists to enter Germany without a visa?", clearly leaving the rest of the Turkish citizens who voted in favor of the new presidential system out of the discussion.

Meanwhile, Turkey's EU Affairs Minister Ömer Çelik said last week that Ankara would present a final visa-free deal proposal to the EU in may, adding that the refugee deal made in 2016 with the EU would end if the proposal gets rejected.

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